Friday, February 10, 2012


If there is one object of which you really need to read the handling instructions very carefully it is land mines. When you are making your dummy land mines out of porcelain that doesn't change very much. Whether it is charged with explosives or made out of fragile ceramics, you don't want to drop it.

Ulrik Holme Kristensen (Denmark/Netherlands) has created a few cases of such anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. The mines are kept safely in their boxes: you don't want the visitor feel like an elephant in a china shop!

Ulrik Holme Kristensen, 'Porcelain Minefield (detail)' (2007)
Ulrik Holme Kristensen, 'Porcelain Minefield' (2007)
Ulrik Holme Kristensen, 'Porcelain Minefield (detail)' (2007)

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