Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The oldest branch of DIY is of course furniture making. Tables, cupboards and shelves made by our fathers and grandfathers have been past on for generations (although most likely not more then two) if only for sentimental and nostalgic reasons.

Dutch-German sculptor Anja Krause turned this sentiment the other way around. She recreated her grandmothers cupboard in chocolate. The framed sentimental phrase found above her grandmother's bed she wrote in chocolate on the wall: "Immer wenn du meinst es geht nicht mehr, kommt von irgendwo ein Lichtlein her" ("Whenever you think things look gloomy, a little light shines through somewhere").

Grandmother Krause's comforting phrase should be in every DIY manual!

For another sculpture Krause knitted a carpet that also covers the comfy chair which usually sits on the carpet. It reminds us of the overzealous handiwork and tidying up practised by our grandmothers as well.

This sculpture can be seen at Rotabs at the moment.

Anja Krause, 'Nachtkastje (Night Table)', (1994)

Anja Krause, 'Stoel (Chair)', (1994)